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Google to offer heart and respiratory rate measurements using just your smartphone’s camera | TechCrunch

Google is introducing features that will allow users to take vital health measurements using just the camera they already have on their smartphone
Back by popular demand: Google Cloud products in 4 words or less (2021 edition) | Google Cloud Blog

We have created a set of resources that makes it easy to familiarize yourself with the Google Cloud ecosystem.
Antarctica Is Running Out of Wilderness - The Atlantic

The continent is crammed with ghost stationsjust one sign of how this empty, icy place is becoming more crowded.
Google to Stop Selling Ads Based on Your Specific Web Browsing - WSJ

Citing privacy concerns, Google says it wont use technologies that track individuals across multiple websites
How I cut GTA Online loading times by 70%

Having picked up the game again to finish some of the newer heists I was shocked (/s) to discover that it still loads just as slow as the day it was released 7 years ago.It was time. Time to get to the bottom of this.
Apple Card disabled my iCloud, App Store, and Apple ID accounts

About ten days ago, when I went to update a few apps in the App Store on my Mac, I was met with a curious error.
Lady Jane Grey’s letters from the Tower of London - Medieval manuscripts blog

On 12 February 1554, the 16-year-old Lady Jane Grey (15371554) approached the scaffold at the Tower of London, to be beheaded for committing high treason against Mary I of England.
Everything is broken, and it’s okay – Increment: Reliability

Accepting that imperfect things still work is fundamental to preventing failures from becoming catastrophes.
U.S. asks Google for detailed search data in antitrust case - BNN Bloomberg

The U.S. government has asked Google to fork over granular data on how its search engine works and is monetized, seeking to prove that the internet giant is a monopoly.
Right-wing site Gab responds to \'alleged\' data breach | Engadget

While it mysteriously went offline for a short time a week ago, at the time it claimed the only problem was some kind of bitcoin wallet spam affecting only a few accounts.
Windows 10X Could Come in March Says Leaker | Digital Trends

Microsoft hasnt officially talked about Windows 10X at all since it announced that it has been refocused for single-screen experiences, but there have been many leaks and rumors along the way.
Moore\'s Law Is Reaching Its Limits. Could Graphene Help? | Digital Trends

You build upward by creating tower blocks that can house hundreds on a patch of land that would otherwise fit only a tiny fraction of that number.
SEC Suspends Trading in 15 Stocks That Got Hyped on Social Media - Bloomberg

The SEC crackdown adds to the fallout from the GameStop Corp. frenzy, in which an army of day traders banded together to drive long-ignored stocks to the stratosphere.
Former SolarWinds CEO blames intern for \

The password in question,

Global forest restoration is the most effective, safe, and scalable carbon capture opportunity. It's also key to aggressive climate action this decade.
A Famous Black Hole Gets a Massive Update - The New York Times

Cygnus X-1, one of the first identified black holes, is much weightier than expected, raising new questions about how such objects form.
Facebook Considers Facial Recognition For Smart Glasses

Facebook Vice President Andrew Bosworth told employees that the company is evaluating the legal and privacy issues around facial recognition for its upcoming wearable gadget.
The Art of Reading More Effectively and Efficiently

Reading more effectively and efficiently means developing a watertight process to capture ideas, analyse arguments, and ask the right questions.
The COVID Zoom Boom Is Reshaping Sign Language - Scientific American

Deaf people are adapting signs to accommodate the limitations of video communication while working from home
Georgia Counties Demand Attorneys Fees From Trump In Junk Election Suits | Above the Law

Before he heads off to Florida, Georgia election officials would like the former president to close out his tab.
GameStop stock soars more than 100% in late-afternoon trading

Shares were halted with less than 30 minutes left in the trading day and the stock ended the day up 103.9%. Shares of GameStop rose another 83% in after hours trading on Wednesday.
Australia passes law forcing Google and Facebook to pay news publications - CNET

After a tumultous month that saw Facebook pull news from its platform in protest, Australia's government agrees to make the News Media Bargaining Code law.
Biden Orders Broad Supply-Chain Review Amid Chip Shortages - WSJ

A chip shortage is squeezing auto makers in the U.S. and world-wide, and Biden administration officials have been working with industry to free up supplies. Cars use chips for numerous systems, including engine management, automatic braking and assis...
The Decline of Computers as a General Purpose Technology | March 2021 | Communications of the ACM

Perhaps in no other technology has there been so many decades of large year-over-year improvements as in computing
Bird-Watching Goes Both Ways

A new study of urban raptors reveals their close attention to human behavior, even during a pandemic.
Why an Animated Flying Cat With a Pop-Tart Body Sold for Almost $600,000 - The New York Times

In the final hour of the auction, there was a bidding war. Nyan Cat was sold to a user identified only by a cryptocurrency wallet number. The price? Roughly $580,000.
The future of electric cars isn’t Tesla. It’s golf carts. - Rest of World

The cars look, variously, like small Range Rovers, golf carts, trolley cars, or rickshaws with sheet-iron sides, and they are slow. Their fundamental attraction is their price between $600 and $2,500
Axios-Ipsos poll: 1 in 3 Americans know someone who died from COVID-19 - Axios

Approximately one in three Americans know someone who died from coronavirus, according to the latest installment of our Axios-Ipsos Coronavirus Index.
The Amateur Tramp PDF about the man who walked Australia

In 1921, Aidan de Brune packed his backpack and walked around the entire continent of Australia by the coastline. We are (almost) sure he is the only person who ever did that. Even more impressive, he did it all alone and without assistance.
How and why I stopped buying new laptops - LOW-TECH MAGAZINE

In 2017, somewhere between getting my office and my website off-the-grid, I decided not to buy any more new laptops. Instead, I switched to a 2006 second-hand machine that I purchased online for 50 euros and which does everything that I want and need.
Mars Photo Booth - NASA Mars

Welcome to Mars! We can't take you to Mars (yet!) but we can bring the Red Planet to you.
$8,162 Power Bill? Texas’ Winter Storm Hell Only Gets Worse

As millions of Texans remain in the dark amid power outages from a historic winter storm, wild swings in the price of power have left others with bills they simply cant afford.

Welcome to The DreamBank, a collection of over 20,000 dream reports. The reports come from a variety of different sources and research studies but NOT from dream-collecting Web sites from people ages 7 to 74
M1 Macs have another hidden boot mode – The Eclectic Light Company

In the course of doing that, it reveals that these new models have a boot mode which doesnt appear to be documented anywhere else, but which could prove a Mac-saver: Fallback Recovery OS.
U.S. life expectancy falls by a full year in first half of 2020.

New data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Thursday showed that life expectancy in the U.S. dropped by a full year in first half of 2020, yet another reminder of the devastating toll Covid-19 has exacted
The 2021 Texas power outage is a nation wide problem :: Gwoplock\'s Blog

I found a nationwide problem with winterization. As an aside I am not an expert in the grid or electricity, I am a software developer, and this is my best interpretation of the requirements I could find.
Uber drivers are workers not self-employed, Supreme Court rules - BBC News

Uber drivers must be treated as workers rather than self-employed, the UK's Supreme Court has ruled.
How to be more productive without forcing yourself

Imagine you could work more and be wildly productive. And the best thing about it? You wouldnt need to force yourself to work.
WhatsApp to move ahead with privacy update despite backlash | Reuters

Facebook Incs WhatsApp said on Thursday it will go ahead with its controversial privacy policy update but will allow users to read it at their own pace and will also display a banner providing additional information.
What went wrong with the Texas power grid?

But unlike blistering summers, the severe winter weather delivered a crippling blow to power production, cutting supplies as the falling temperatures increased demand.
IKEA Catalog to Be Discontinued | Architectural Digest

To that end, IKEA has announced that its catalogs glorious run will come to an end, a decision the company arrived at within the past few months. The 2021 edition, which debuted in October, will be its last.
Epic Games steps up Apple fight with EU antitrust complaint | Reuters

Fortnite creator Epic Games has taken its fight against Apple to European Union antitrust regulators, escalating its dispute with the iPhone maker over its App Store payment system and control over app downloads.
Before buying a NYT subscription, here\'s what it will take you to cancel it. - Imgur

Before buying a NYT subscription, here's what it will take you to cancel it.
How NASA Designed a Helicopter That Could Fly Autonomously on Mars - IEEE Spectrum

The Perseverance rover's Mars Helicopter (Ingenuity) will take off, navigate, and land on Mars without human intervention
Dante: Our Medieval Contemporary

Why is Dante the Florentine still present with us 700 years after his death?
The rise of Uber Eats gang masters is tearing the gig economy apart | WIRED UK

Caporalato, or gang mastering, is the practice of recruiting workers as a third-party broker via exploitation and intimidation, and is heavily associated with small time mafiosi in Italys agricultural south
Mining Bitcoin with pencil and paper: 0.67 hashes per day

I decided to see how practical it would be to mine Bitcoin with pencil and paper. It turns out that the SHA-256 algorithm used for mining is pretty simple and can in fact be done by hand
Found in Alaska, These Blue Beads Could Be the Oldest Evidence of European Goods in North America

European-crafted glass beads found at three different indigenous sites in northern Alaska date back to the pre-colonial period of North America, in what is an intriguing archaeological discovery.
Fake Amazon reviews \'being sold in bulk\' online - BBC News

The consumer group found 10 websites selling fake reviews from 5 each and incentivising positive reviews in exchange for payment or free products.
Mathematician Solves Computer Science Conjecture in Two Pages | Quanta Magazine

Apaper posted online this month has settled a nearly 30-year-old conjecture about the structure of the fundamental building blocks of computer circuits.
Animation shows week in life of blue whale as it tries to avoid fishing ship congestion | The Independent

An astonishing new graphic shows how blue whales face excessively reduced mobility due to an overrun of hundreds of fishing boats in one of the endangered species main feeding grounds in Chilean Patagonia.
List Of Fictional Cryptocurrencies Banned By The SEC - Astral Codex Ten

I said they were fictional! Stop trying to invest in them!
Inside the Making of Facebook’s Supreme Court | The New Yorker

The company has created a board that can overrule even Mark Zuckerberg. Soon it will decide whether to allow Trump back on Facebook.
How Covid brought the future back - Works in Progress

The Bell Labs team certainly helped build a better postwar future, and arguably Covid-19 has pushed people in the same direction.
Chrome for iOS will soon keep incognito tabs even more secret with Face ID - The Verge

Update notes for the latest Chrome 89 beta on iOS reveal that when you return to the Chrome app, your incognito tabs will be blurred until you confirm its you.
Supermicro Hack: How China Exploited a U.S. Tech Supplier Over Years

For years, U.S. investigators found tampering in products made by Super Micro Computer Inc.
Microsoft: U.S. should consider Aussie law vexing Facebook, Google - Axios

Both Facebook and Google have said they can't run their businesses as usual with the code in effect and warn that if Australia passes it as expected, they'll pull some of their services from the country.
First Apple TV+ AR app launches with \'For All Mankind\' backstory through mixed reality - 9to5Mac

For All Mankind: Time Capsule takes place in the decade between the first and second season of the space drama that plays out on an alternative historical timeline.
Google Photos gets new paywalled editing features for Google One subscribers - The Verge

The paywalled editing features have been rumored for some time, but today marks the official announcement of the new program.
Why Mastercard is bringing crypto onto its network

We are preparing right now for the future of crypto and payments, announcing that this year Mastercard will start supporting select cryptocurrencies directly on our network. This is a big change that will require a lot of work.
Toyota to Debut Three New Electrified Vehicles for U.S. Market - Toyota USA Newsroom

Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) announced plans to debut in the U.S. market this year, three new electrified models two BEVs and a PHEV.
Three Cubans survive on coconuts for 33 days on uninhabited island - BBC News

Three people believed to have been stranded on an uninhabited island in the Bahamas for 33 days have been rescued, the US Coast Guard says.
Hustler founder and free-speech activist Larry Flynt dies aged 78 - BBC News

Larry Flynt, founder of Hustler magazine and self-proclaimed
What Do You Actually Agree To When You Accept All Cookies | Conrad Akunga, Esquire. Code

The question is - what exactly are you agreeing to when you click Accept All?So today I set out to actually see what it is one agrees to when they accept all.
Accused murderer wins right to check source code of DNA testing kit used by police • The Register

A New Jersey appeals court has ruled that a man accused of murder is entitled to review proprietary genetic testing software to challenge evidence presented against him
The Paris Review - The Art of the Cover Letter - The Paris Review

No one loves cover letters, but everyone needs a job. So my business, editing them, always booms.
Robinhood sued by family of stock trader who killed himself | US news | The Guardian

The family of a 20-year-old stock trader who killed himself have sued the broker Robinhood for his death, citing its misleading communications that caused their son to panic over what he wrongly believed were huge market losses.
Stop defacing quotes with brackets.

Yet for some reason this sentenceby an evidently smart writer in a respected publicationis afraid to say it plainly. Instead, it deploys a completely pointless set of brackets, mangling the wording of the quote, for no good reason.
Man to pay £25,000 damages over negative TrustPilot review - BBC News

A man who left a negative review of a legal firm on the TrustPilot website has been ordered to pay 25,000 ($34,000) in libel damages.
The man who produced Steve Jobs’ keynotes for 20 years. - Cake

Wayne Goodrich was the producer for every keynote Steve gave after his return to Apple. Before that, Wayne helped him create presentations at NeXT and Pixar. He is writing a book about what it was like on the inside.
Texas Dept. Of Public Safety Issues Amber Alert For Victim Of Horror Doll Chucky | Techdirt

The alert, which was sent by email on Friday, warned of a 16-pound suspect wearing blue denim overalls and wielding a huge kitchen knife. It included an image of Chucky, the killer doll introduced in the 1988 slasher film Childs Play,
AI maths whiz creates tough new problems for humans to solve

Researchers have built an artificial intelligence (AI) that can generate new mathematical formulae including some as-yet unsolved problems that continue to challenge mathematicians.
Nevada bill would allow tech companies to create governments - Techregister

The zones would permit companies with large areas of land to form governments carrying the same authority as counties, including the ability to impose taxes, form school districts and courts and provide government services.
Indonesia bans forced religious attire in schools - BBC News

Indonesia has banned public schools from making religious attire compulsory, after the story of a Christian student being pressured to wear a headscarf in class went viral.
The Secret Bipartisan Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election | Time

a well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information
The Secret Bipartisan Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election | Time

There was a conspiracy unfolding behind the scenes, one that both curtailed the protests and coordinated the resistance from CEOs.
Digital Trends

Razer has two new docks, which the company says will work with most notebooks including Apples new M1-powered MacBook Pro.
Minding The Gap: The Pandemic’s Impact On Women In The Workforce | Above the Law

This trend coined the shecession has the threat of a long-term economic impact, the risk of losing women in leadership positions, future women leaders, and unwinding years of painstaking progress toward gender equality.
Google patches an actively exploited Chrome zero-day | ZDNet

Google said the bug was exploited in attacks in the wild before a security researcher named Mattias Buelens reported the issue to its engineers on January 24.
Facebook’s Misleading Campaign Against Apple’s Privacy Policy

Facebooks central claim is that small businesses will lose revenues if they cant use personalized ads.