Private bookmarking, public social.
All in one.

Sidebar allows you to bookmark webpages and search for them later, creating your own personal search engine.
Sidebar also creates a "sidebar" conversation on every webpage where you can share annotations and comments with others on Sidebar.

Bookmark a page in a second

The Sidebar browser extesnsion allows you to privately save, publicly annotate, or publicly like any page.

Create your own search engine

Search all public sites on Sidebar or just search yours.


Dicover what pages others are sharing publicly.

Comment & Follow

The usual social stuff. But, since Sidebar comments are attached to a webpage, the experience is new and focused.

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On the web

Bookmarked pages are saved on the web. Find your bookmarks and also discover the pages everyone is commenting on.

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Browser Extension

Read Sidebar comments on any page, save, like, search and more.