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Sidebar allows you to bookmark tweets, podcasts, products, websites, and news to create your own personal search engine.
Sidebar also creates a "sidebar" conversation on every webpage where you can share annotations and comments with others on Sidebar.
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The Absurdity of Peer Review. What the pandemic revealed about… | by Mark Humphries | Jun, 2021 | Elemental

It is now the entrenched norm, yet we cannot make a scientific case for why we use it: we do not know whether the science we produce is better with or without it, but we do know at lot about what it cant do.
Removing The Bedrock Of Liberalism - The Weekly Dish

This debate is not about whether you are a racist or an antiracist. The debate is about whether, in your deepest heart and soul, you are a liberal or an anti-liberal. And of those two options, I have no doubt where I stand. Do you?