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Face to Face, Tinder’s opt-in video chat feature, is now rolling out globally | TechCrunch

Face to Face, an opt-in-only feature that Tinder launched earlier this year that lets users video chat with each other without exchanging personal information and only when theyre facing the cam, is now expanding globally
Twitter launches \'pre-bunks\' to get ahead of voting misinformation

Twitter will begin placing messages at the top of users feeds to pre-emptively debunk false information about voting by mail and election results.
25 Years In Speech Technology. …and I still don’t talk to my computer. | by Matthew Karas | Oct, 2020 | Medium

Why has it taken until the last few years for speech recognition to be adopted in day-to-day use?
NYC taxi meter and options pricing | Time series data, faster

Going through more than 10 years worth of NYC taxi data, I analyse how the antiquated meter system impacts the livelihood of NYC cabbies by drawing an analogy with stock options trading.
Google Chrome tests shopping ads on new tab page - 9to5Google

An experiment in newer versions of Chrome shows that Google is working on a widget for the new tab page that would show, possibly among other things, what are essentially shopping ads.
How Free Speech Dies - WSJ

The problem, which is familiar in Latin America and now seems to be coming to a theater near you, is a new hyper-intolerance on the part of the upper classes, academics and the media. This is scary because where efforts by elites to silence dissent...
US Treasury sanctions Russian research institute behind Triton malware | ZDNet

The US Treasury Department announced sanctions today against a Russian research institute for its role in developing Triton, a malware strain designed to attack industrial equipment.
Facebook could face state, federal antitrust lawsuits in November, sources say - The Washington Post

State and federal investigators are expected to file antitrust charges against Facebook as soon as November, according to four people familiar with the matter, embarking on a massive legal challenge against the tech giant and its perceived ironclad g...
(3) rashiq on Twitter: \

I reverse engineered mcdonald's internal api and I'm currently placing an order worth $18,752 every minute at every mcdonald's in the US to figure out which locations have a broken ice cream machine
Anthropology extraterrestrial life - What If There Is Life on Venus?

n the throes of a pandemic that has underscored the fragility of human life on Earth, news has come of possible life on another planet
Google Play Music, Music Play Store & Music Manager are going away – everything you need to know - YouTube Music Community

Were gradually going to shut down Google Play Music, the Music Store on Google Play and Music Manager soon, with everyone losing access in the months to come
Google to supply artificial intelligence to CBP for Trump\'s virtual border wall, report says | Fox Business

Google is reportedly allowingits artificial intelligence technology for the Trump administration's
Iran and Russia deny FBI accusation they are behind threatening emails sent to Florida Democrats

Iranian intelligence was responsible for a recent campaign of emails sent to intimidate Florida voters, the FBI announced Wednesday night, adding that Russia was also working to influence the election.
Russia-linked group that breached US state and local IT draws official accusation from feds

The Russian state-sponsored APT actor has targeted dozens of SLTT [state, local, territorial and tribal]and aviation networks, attempted intrusions at several SLTT organizations, successfully compromised network infrastructure, and as of October 1,...
PayPal Said to Be in Talks to Buy Crypto Firms Including BitGo - Bloomberg

PayPal Holdings Inc. is exploring acquisitions of cryptocurrency companies including Bitcoin custodian BitGo Inc., according to people familiar with the matter, a move that would expand its embrace of digital coins
Expensify\'s CEO emailed users to encourage them to \'vote for Biden\' - Protocol

Expensify CEO David Barrett blasted all of his customers with a message to vote for Biden to
Disjointed Covid-19 Apps Across U.S. Raise Questions About Tech’s Role - WSJ

Months after a burst of optimism about the potential for technology to help track the spread of Covid-19, a hodgepodge of mobile phone apps around the U.S. has yielded unclear results amid inconsistent policies and usage.
PayPal to allow cryptocurrency buying, selling and shopping on its network | Reuters

PayPal Holdings Inc joined the cryptocurrency market on Wednesday, allowing customers to buy, sell and hold bitcoin and other virtual coins using the U.S. digital payments companys online wallets.
ongoing by Tim Bray · Google Antitrust Notes

I just read the US antitrust Complaint against Google. This is obviously just the first chapter of a very long story, but here are early observations.
Neil deGrasse Tyson warns asteroid could hit Earth the day before the election | TheHill

In an Instagram post, Neil deGrasse Tyson shared a photo of the Earth from space along with what you can only assume is an asteroid. Asteroid 2018VP1 now that's a mouthful is a space-rock the size of a refrigerator, Tyson said, and it's hurtling ...
PT Can\'t Be Redownloaded on PS5, But There\'s Still Hope for Backwards Compatibility - IGN

PT will not be available to redownload on PS5, but Konami isn't ruling out that it will be playable on the next-gen console through other means.
Sony releases free Black Lives Matter PS4 theme - The Verge

Sony has provided a new way for PS4 owners to show their support for the Black Lives Matter movement inside their consoles.
Coaches in shock over ‘Voice’ premiere performance: ‘Did you see my face? That will be a GIF’

The USs highest court is allowing Pennsylvania to count ballots received up to three days after the presidential election
Lindsey Graham\'s challenger, Jaime Harrison, has put S.C. back in play for Democrats

Lindsey Graham's challenger, Jaime Harrison, has put S.C. back in play for Democrats
Coronavirus stimulus update: Pelosi, Mnuchin make progress in relief bill talks

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin made some progress during their latest coronavirus stimulus talks, according to Pelosis office.
Meet the Excel warriors saving the world from spreadsheet disaster | WIRED UK

Spreadsheets run the world. When they break, governments and companies turn to an elite group of experts to save the day
Microsoft just force restarted my Windows 10 PC to install more unwanted apps - The Verge

Microsoft had installed unsolicited, unwanted web app versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook onto my computer.
How Mark Zuckerberg Learned Politics - WSJ

No longer. Mr. Zuckerberg is now an active political operator. He has dined with President Trump, talks regularly with White House senior adviser Jared Kushner, and has pressed lawmakers and officials to scrutinize rivals including TikTok and Apple I...
How To Protect Your Privacy Online In 8 Tips : Life Kit : NPR

The more I understood how my information was being collected, shared and sold, the more I wanted to protect my privacy. But it's still hard to know which of my efforts is actually effective and which is a waste of time.
Charles Lindbergh, the Trial of the Century, and why there are no cameras in the Supreme Court.

The resistance to cameras in the courtroom is an enduring legacy of a national trauma that was rightly called the Crime of the Century: the kidnap-murder in 1932 of the 20-month-old son of Charles Lindbergh, the famed aviator who was then the most ad...
Meet the Excel warriors saving the world from spreadsheet disaster | WIRED UK

Lyford-Smith is part of a community of accountants, auditors and Excel power users who have joined forces in a quiet battle against illogical formulas, copy-and-paste errors, and structural chaos that cause data carnage.
The latest on Google Hangouts and the upgrade to Google Chat

Next year, Chat will become available as a free serviceboth in the integrated experience in Gmail and the Chat standalone app. Chat includes familiar Hangouts features like direct and group messaging
Google details how it\'s using AI and machine learning to improve search | VentureBeat

During a livestreamed event this afternoon, Google detailed the ways its applying AI and machine learning to improve the Google Search experience.
\'I never saw stars before\': Gene therapy brings back 8-year-old Canadian boy\'s sight | CTV News

Now, Canada has approved the first-ever gene replacement therapy for this form of blindness. Sick Kids Hospital has 29 children in its program with this mutation. The drug can be used on children and adults with the condition, but the earlier its us...
What if a Pill Can Change Your Politics or Religious Beliefs? - Scientific American

Psychotherapy assisted by psilocybin, the psychedelic compound in magic mushrooms, seems to be remarkably effective in treating a wide range of psychopathologies, but also causes a raft of unusual nonclinical changes not seen elsewhere in medicine.
Song stuck in your head? Just hum to search

Starting today, you can hum, whistle or sing a melody to Google to solve your earworm
Adjust: Americans spend $20.78 a month on app subscriptions | VentureBeat

Subscriptions for apps and games have exploded during the pandemic, and many companies are benefiting from consumers increased willingness to subscribe to apps. More than a third of people in the country are using their smartphones to stream video a...
Confirmed: Barnes & Noble hacked, systems taken offline for days, miscreants may have swiped personal info • The Register

Bookseller Barnes and Nobles computer network fell over this week, and its IT staff are having to restore servers from backups.
2.1 Million of the Oldest Internet Posts Are Now Online for Anyone to Read

This week, Jarosciak uploaded some of the oldest Usenet posts available to the internet. Around 2.1 million posts from between February 1981 and June 1991 from Henry Spencer's UTZOO NetNews Archive are archived at the Usenet Archive for anyone to br...
Twitter Cites \'Hacked Materials Policy\' to Justify Censorship of NY Post Hunter Biden Article | National Review

Twitter said Thursday that it censored a New York Post article based on emails between Hunter Biden and a Burisma executive in accordance with its hacked materials policy.
YouTube bans coronavirus vaccine misinformation | Reuters

Alphabet Incs YouTube said on Wednesday it would remove videos from YouTube containing misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines, expanding its current rules against falsehoods and conspiracy theories about the pandemic.
When Your Last $166 Vanishes: ‘Fast Fraud’ Surges on Payment Apps - The New York Times

Payment apps have long had fraud rates that are three to four times higher than traditional payment methods such as credit and debit card
Disney reorganizes to focus on streaming, direct to consumer

On Monday, the company revealed that in order to further accelerate its direct-to-consumer strategy, it would be centralizing its media businesses into a single organization that will be responsible for content distribution, ad sales and Disney .
How to type 3x faster

Today, I will describe an interface Ive designed that increased my typing speed 3x, changed how I plan projects, and helped me develop a growth mindset.
Don’t Pay for 95% | 5 Kids 1 Condo

Butnext time a big decision comes up, try forgoing your ego and asking yourself if more really means more. Account for the hidden costs: longer commutes to a big house, higherexpenses, more maintenance, etc. Try making a rational, needs-based decis...
Apple iPhone 12: The chip advance set to make smartphones smarter - BBC News

When Apple unveils its new iPhones, expect it to make a big deal of the fact they're the first handsets in the world to be powered by a new type of chip.
We Need a Nuclear New Deal, Not a Green New Deal - The Bellows

Had California spent its money on nuclear energy instead of renewables, it could have decarbonized by now. That is why any climate plan that doesnt prioritize nuclear above all other energy sources is destined to exacerbate climate problems rather t...
We Need a Nuclear New Deal, Not a Green New Deal - The Bellows

Take California as an example. Since 2001, the state has sought to replace its fossil fuel energy with renewables. The subsequent instability of their electrical grid caused blackouts during a heatwave this August; when wildfires broke out the follow...
Transgender athletes - A ban by World Rugby could prove influential for transgender sports | Science & technology | The Economist

The weakest, smallest males could shift 10% more weight than the biggest, strongest females. The strongest male players could lift over 60% more.
AI is An Ideology, Not A Technology | WIRED

If you accept this narrative, the logic of the Chinese advantage is powerful. What if its wrong? Perhaps the Wests vulnerability stems not from our ideas about privacy, but from the idea of AI itself.
iPhone 12 lineup’s pricing and release dates detailed in new leak - The Verge

In line with previous rumors, the leaker Kang predicts well see Apple announce four new iPhone models at its event, but says well also see a new HomePod mini smart speaker.
Twitter to block ‘misleading’ retweets from US candidates | Financial Times

Twitter will block retweets and likes of misleading content from candidates ahead of the US presidential election, in a move that will further escalate tension between the company and President Donald Trump.
The D. H. Lawrence We Forgot | The New Yorker

If the reputation of D. H. Lawrence were to be measured like a heartbeat on an EKG, the graph would show a sharp rise after his death, in 1930, followed by a headlong fall, in 1970, and then fifty years of flatlining.
List of helicopter prison escapes - Wikipedia

A helicopter prison escape is made when an inmate escapes from a prison by means of a helicopter. This list includes prisoner escapes where a helicopter was used in an attempt to free prisoners from a place of internment, a prison or correctional fac...
New study suggests handwriting engages the brain more than typing | CTV News

A new study out of Norway suggests that handwriting and drawing engages the brain far more than typing on a keyboard, after measuring the brain activity of children and young adults performing these tasks.
US Army trials augmented reality goggles for dogs - BBC News

The US Army has shown off augmented reality goggles for combat dogs, designed to let them receive orders at a distance.
Charming DIY project adds 3D-printed joysticks and triggers to a PS4 controller - The Verge

This time, theres the option of having two joysticks and no throttle, plus thumbsticks and triggers to press the controllers shoulder buttons and triggers.
How social networks are preparing for a potential October hack-and-leak - CNET

Four years ago, Russia's hack-and-leak operation paved the way for QAnon's rise. Social networks say they're better prepared this time around.
Tiny Changes Let False Claims About COVID-19, Voting Evade Facebook Fact Checks : NPR

A new analysis by the international advocacy group Avaaz shines light on why, despite the tech giant's efforts to stamp out misinformation about the coronavirus pandemic and the U.S. election, it's so hard to stop bad actors from spreading these fals...
Microsoft is letting employees work from home permanently - The Verge

Microsoft will now allow employees to work from home freely for less than 50 percent of their working week, or for managers to approve permanent remote work.
Apple to extend Apple TV+ free year trials through February 2021 - 9to5Mac

If you purchased a new Apple device from September 2019 last year like an iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV you were automatically eligible for a free year of Apple TV . These trials would begin expiring at the end of October.
America’s internet wasn’t prepared for online school - The Verge

Its become clear to teachers, administrators, and community members that the digital divide is too big for schools to bridge on their own. The infrastructure needed to teach rural students remotely would require systemic change
Apple TV+ joins anti-piracy coalition - Axios

Apple's TV streaming service has joined the Motion Picture Association of America's (MPA) anti-piracy coalition the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) and will join its governing board.
Eli Lilly says its monoclonal antibody cocktail is effective against Covid-19

Eli Lilly said Wednesday a monoclonal antibody treatment is effective in reducing levels of the virus that causes Covid-19 in patients, and also appears to prevent patients from visiting the emergency room or hospital.
Recycling was a lie — a big lie — to sell more plastic, industry experts say | CBC Documentaries

We've been sorting our trash for decades, believing it would be recycled. But the truth is the vast majority of the plastic we use won't be. Over the last seven decades, less than 10 per cent of plastic waste has been recycled.
An earlier universe existed before the Big Bang, and can still be observed today, says Nobel winner

An earlier universe existed before the Big Bang and can still be observed today, Sir Roger Penrose has said, as he received the Nobel Prize for Physics.
VP Debate Live Updates: Pence vs. Kamala -

Vice President Mike Pence and Sen. Kamala Harris, the Democratic vice presidential nominee, square off in their first and only debate. Follow our live analysis and video coverage.
Spotify catches up with Apple Music with new lyric song search feature - 9to5Mac

Spotify has rolled out a useful new feature today for iOS and Android that allows users to search for songs by its lyrics, something that Apple Music users have enjoyed for a couple of years.
Instagram marks its 10th anniversary with new anti-bullying features | Engadget

Instagram is officially 10 years old, and is marking the end of its first decade with new features meant to encourage users to be nice to one another.
Humans Are All More Closely Related Than We Commonly Think - Scientific American

The consequence of humanity being incredibly inbred is that we are all related much more closely than our intuition suggests,
Excel: Why using Microsoft\'s tool caused Covid-19 results to be lost - BBC News

The badly thought-out use of Microsoft's Excel software was the reason nearly 16,000 coronavirus cases went unreported in England.
Practice typing by retyping ENTIRE classic novels |

Improve your typing for free online by practicing on classic literature.
Why Isn\'t There An AI Financial Crash? - Technically Sentient

The question is, why hasnt there been an AI financial crash? Perezs framework would imply that with the burst of AI investment in the 2015 - 2019 era, we should be in the middle of a big financial crash in AI companies. Yet, the failure rate so far...
No Cause for Alarm | City Journal

Contrary to media narratives about systemic police racism, black Americans are the most overrepresented group in law enforcement (they make up 15.5 percent of law enforcement members but 12.3 percent of the population). Asians are significantly under...
Twitter Says You Cannot Tweet That You Hope Trump Dies From COVID

Twitter told Motherboard that users are not allowed to openly hope for Trumps death on the platform and that tweets that do so will have to be removed and that they may have their accounts put into a read only mode.
Above Avalon: Apple Watch Momentum Is Building

We are now seeing Apple leverage the growing number of Apple Watch wearers to build a formidable health platform. The Apple Watch is a runaway train with no company in a position to slow it down.
The future of garbage collection is pneumatic tubes — Quartz

local governments are installing chutes which connect to an underground system of pneumatic tubes that use high-pressure air to woosh garbage away to a handful of centralized collection points.
Why Astronomers Want to Build a SETI Observatory on the Moon | Science | Smithsonian Magazine

The decadal survey establishes scientific priorities for the next ten years and the new paper addresses one of the biggest problems facing the search for extraterrestrial intelligence today: The overwhelming amount of radio interference.
Amazon’s palm reading starts at the grocery store, but it could be so much bigger - The Verge

By analyzing the shape of your hand and the unique configuration of veins under your skin, Amazon says its technology can verify your identity the same way facial recognition does.
Digital vote-by-mail applications in most states are inaccessible to people with disabilities | TechCrunch

The 2020 election is without a doubt going to be the biggest one in history for voting by mail, but people with disabilities may find it rather difficult to apply for their ballot, since according to an audit by Deque, most states dont actually have...
How a Chinese malware gang defrauded Facebook users of $4 million | ZDNet

SilentFade utilized a combination of a Windows trojan, browser injections, clever scripting, and a bug in the Facebook platform, showing a sophisticated modus operandi rarely seen with malware gangs targeting Facebook's platform
Twitter is working on a fix for its automated image cropping | Engadget

The company says its working to decrease our reliance on automatic cropping so users can ultimately control how their images appear in a tweet.
Amazon says more than 19,000 workers got Covid-19

Between March 1 and Sept. 19, Amazon counted 19,816 presumed or confirmed Covid-19 cases across its roughly 1.37 million Amazon and Whole Foods Market front-line employees across the U.S.
Opinion | Hong Kong Is China, Like It or Not - The New York Times

The West tends to glorify these people as defenders of Hong Kongs freedoms, but they have done great harm to the city by going against its constitutional order and stirring up chaos and disaffection toward our motherland.
google: China preparing an antitrust investigation into Google: Sources - The Economic Times

The potential investigation follows a raft of actions by U.S. President Donald Trump's administration to hobble Chinese tech companies, citing national security risks.
AI can detect COVID-19 in the lungs like a virtual physician, new study shows: Algorithm can accurately identify COVID-19 cases, as well as distinguish them from influenza -- ScienceDaily

Researchers demonstrated that an AI algorithm could be trained to classify COVID-19 pneumonia in computed tomography (CT) scans with up to 90 percent accuracy, as well as correctly identify positive cases 84 percent of the time and negative cases 93 ...
Google’s new ‘Hold for Me’ feature saves you from elevator music - The Verge

Heres how it works, according to Google: if you call a toll-free number and are put on hold, Google Assistant will monitor the call for you while you go back to doing whatever you need to do.