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Why is California closing Diablo Canyon nuclear plant?

The politics against nuclear power in California are more powerful and organized than the politics in favor of a climate policy,
It\'s official: Russiagate is this generation\'s WMD - by Matt Taibbi - TK News by Matt Taibbi

The Iraq war faceplant damaged the reputation of the press. Russiagate just destroyed it
Simplicity and Order for All | Innovator of the Year 2012 Technology - WSJ

Innovation is just reinvention and rethinking. I don't think there's anything truly, organically new in this world. It's just mash-ups of all these things that provide different perspectivesthat allow you to think in a completely different way, whic...
‘Potentially a death sentence’: White House goes off on vaccine fearmongers - POLITICO

Biden allied groups, including the Democratic National Committee, are also planning to engage fact-checkers more aggressively and work with SMS carriers to dispel misinformation about vaccines that is sent over social media and text messages.
A Generation of Afghan Professionals Flees Ahead of Taliban Advance - WSJ

Afghanistans professional class of men and women, part of a generation that came of age under the shield of the U.S. military, are weighing the danger of rapidly advancing Taliban forces. Many are packing their bags.
The Absurdity of Peer Review. What the pandemic revealed about… | by Mark Humphries | Jun, 2021 | Elemental

It is now the entrenched norm, yet we cannot make a scientific case for why we use it: we do not know whether the science we produce is better with or without it, but we do know at lot about what it cant do.